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Surname Interest List for MacPanda

MacPanda has created a surname interest list. Contact them via the forum here.

Surname Place Year From Year To
Bateman (B355)Gloschestershire
Booth (B300)Huddersfield, W Yourkshire UK and Hartford CT USA18441898
Bradford (B631)Mesham UK18431865
Brown (B650)Newport, Yorkshire1826
Campbell (C514)Australia1893
Churchill (C624)Gloschestershire
Fowler (F460)Springfield, Clark, Ohio, USA1850
Garrettson (G632)Portland, Oregon USA and Indiana USA18701906
Harpur (H616)Glencormick WIC Ireland and Alberton South Aust18291904
Heath (H300)Derbyshire UK and Roxbury, Massachusetts USA17371814
Hunt (H530)Mesham UK and Portland, Oregon USA18351913
Iland/Ireland (I453)
Madden (M350)Roma Qld Brisbane and Redcliffe, Brisbane Qld Aust18801968
McBroom (M216)ARM Ireland and Brighton Victoria Australia18301916
Nott (N300)Hampton, Lovett, Worcestershire UK and Gympie and Brisbane Qld Aust18571923
Stump (S351)Kentucky USA and Los Angeles, California USA1884
Underdown (U536)Devon