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Surname Interest List for Langley Vale Sue

Langley Vale Sue has created a surname interest list. Contact them via the forum here.

Surname Place Year From Year To
Aris (A620)Oxfordshire - Finmere1800
Ayshford (A216)Devon - Holcome Rogus and Tiverton areas1700
Beard (B630)Devon - Bratton Fleming1700
Brimson (B652)Devon - Broadclyst1800
Brimson (B652)Wiltshire - Yarnfield & Maiden Bradley area17001800
Broom (B650)Devon - Sampford Peverell1800
Card (C630)Wiltshire1700
Carson (C625)Wiltshire - Trowbridge area17401860
Carsons (C625)London - Marylebone18701890
Carsons (C625)South West London - Putney & Southfields18901975
Carsons (C625)Surrey - Chertsey18901900
Carsons (C625)Wiltshire - Trowbridge18402013
Carter (C636)Hampshire - Winchester St Maurice & St Lawrence17401850
Cleeveley & Variations (C414)Gloucestershire - Charlton Kings1800
Daniels (D542)Winchester, Hampshire1740
Davis (D120)Worcestershire, Wichinford and Grimley18001940
Downe (D500)Devon1600
Edwards (E363)USA, Oneida County, New York1800
Elliman (E455)Warwickshire - Farnborough area1700
Evans (E152)London - Camberwell19201970
Evans (E152)London - Marylebone19111926
Evans (E152)Worcestershire - Malvern area1800
Evans (E152)Worcestershire - Powick18001900
Gibbs (G120)Devon - Tiverton18401940
Gumbert (G516)Canada, Ontario18501950
Hall (H400)Buckinghamshire - Twyford1800
Harding (H635)Devon - Venn Ottery17501850
Harrison (H625)Honduras, West Indies1815
Heritage (H632)Wiltshire - Trowbridge17401860
Hillier (H460)Faccombe & Stockbridge, Hampshire18001900
Honnacott (H523)Devon - Landkey16001800
Hooper (H160)Wiltshire - Studley & Trowbridge areas18001900
Horwood (H630)Oxfordshire - Finmere1800
Jacobs (J212)Canada, Ontario18001900
Jacobs (J212)Surrey, Ripley area17001900
Jarrett and Variations (J635)Surrey, Ripley area17001900
Jones (J520)Wales - Llanasa, Flintshire18301870
Key (K000)Worcestershire - Abberley/Great Witley/Martley18002013
Kilpatrick (K413)Canada - Manitoba18901900
Kilpatrick (K413)Canada - Ontario18211900
Kilpatrick (K413)Canada - Saskatoon, Sask19052013
Kilpatrick (K413)Scotland, Renfrewshire17001850
Kilpatrick (K413)USA - North Dakota18991904
Lambourn (L516)Buckinghamshire - Twyford1800
Landburn (L531)Canada - Ontario18001900
Lloyd (L430)Herefordshire - Avenbury18401940
Lloyd (L430)Shropshire - Cleobury Mortimer18001900
Mear (M600)Devon - Sandford1760
Millard (M463)Dorset, Gussage18001900
Mills (M420)Scotland - Kilbarchan area, Renfrewshire17001850
Morgan (M625)Gloucestershire - Charlton Kings18001900
Neale (N400)Warwickshire - Farnborough area17001900
Paines (P520)London - Westminster, Paddington, Kensington, Fulham18401900
Paines (P520)Somerset - Bath18001860
Payne (P500)Wiltshire - Trowbridge area17001800
Perkins (P625)Wiltshire - Salisbury17701870
Phillips (P412)Dorset - Gussage18301900
Phillips (P412)Hampshire - Winchester18501870
Phillips (P412)London - Camden Town1840
Phillips (P412)Surrey - Ripley area18001840
Rowe & Variations (R163)Hampshire - Stockbridge18001900
Seldon (S435)Devon - Barnstaple/Landkey areas16501850
Seldon (S435)Devon - Broadclyst18501950
Seldon (S435)Devon - Knowle Crediton18401900
Seldon (S435)Devon - Pilton15001660
Seldon (S435)London - Herne Hill19101950
Spear (S160)Devon - Sandford17501850
Spiller (S146)Devon - Broadclyst1800
Spiller (S146)Devon - Venn Ottery17401850
Thompson (T512)Wiltshire - Trowbridge area18001850
Tiver/Tivers (T163)Hampshire - possibly Lymington area17601800
Tivers (T162)Hampshire - Winchester18001850
Tivers (T162)London - Camden Town18351850
Tivers (T162)London - Fulham/Putney/Southfields/Wimbledon18702013
Tivers (T162)Surrey - Weybridge area18501930
Whately (W340)Wiltshire - Maiden Bradley area17501850
Williams (W452)Oxfordshire - Cropredy1800
Williams (W452)Oxfordshire - Willscote/Wardington areas18001900
Yeomans (Y552)Worcestershire - Leigh & Malvern areas1800