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Surname Interest List for Jojob

Jojob has created a surname interest list. Contact them via the forum here.

Surname Place Year From Year To
Allsopp (A421)India18001900
Attwood (A330)Staffordshire/Yorkshire18001990
Ball (B400)Yorkshire18001950
Bennet (B530)UK,Africa18001900
Blamiers (B456)Suffolk and India18421924
Chapman (C155)India, UK18001900
Currie (C600)Essex uk19002007
Fright (F623)Kent and London18201920
Harrison (H625)India18001900
Iley (I400)Yorkshire19001950
Malkin (M425)Yorkshire18001950
Mcnaughton, Macnaughton (M252)Scotland, Canada, USA, Australia17001950
Philips (P412)UK18001900
Read (R300)Dorking18001950
Rose (R200)USA18901920
Stuart, Stewart (S363)Scotland,Jamaica17001950
Tessington (T252)India18001900
Urage (U620)India18001950
Whelan (W450)India18001930