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Surname Interest List for Shona

Shona has created a surname interest list. Contact them via the forum here.

Surname Place Year From Year To
Armit (A653)Inverkeithing, Fife17501900
Beveridge (B163)Dalgety, Fife17501800
Blue (B400)Isle of Colonsay, Argyll18001850
Brodie (B630)Dysart, Fife17001800
Campbell (C514)Killean, Kilkenzie and Campbeltown, Argyll18001850
Carnegie (C652)Ireland17601800
Carnegie (C652)Southend, Argyll18001830
Carstairs (C623)Fife17501800
Connell (C540)Mauchline, Ayrshire17901810
Davey (D100)Tiverton area, Devon17501850
Drysdale (D623)Fife17501800
Duff (D100)Markinch, Fife17701820
Ferguson (F622)St Ninian's, Stirling17501830
Gilmour (G456)Dalserf, Ayrshire17501780
Greig (G620)Auchterderran, Fife17801810
Hall (H400)Hockworthy, Devon17801880
Hand (H530)Newry, Co Armagh/Co Down18001840
Hughes (H220)Co Antrim18501890
Keith (K300)Belfast19001950
Kerslake (K624)Uplowman, Devon17501820
Kettle (K340)Forgandenny, Fife17301800
Martin (M635)Killean, Argyll17401780
McCallum (M245)Irvine and Kilmarnock, Ayrshire17901850
McCallum (M245)Killean, Argyll17701800
McCarten (M263)Downpatrick, Do Down17901850
Mccrudden (M263)Co Monaghan, Ireland18001900
Mcglary (M246)Anywhere18001950
McIntyre (M253)Killean, Argyll17801820
Mcisaac (M222)Campbeltown, Argyll16901950
Mcisaac (M222)Killean, Argyll18501930
McIsaac (M222)South Knapdale17901800
Mcisaac (M222)Southend, Argyll17501850
McKinlay (M254)Killean, Argyll17901820
McLaughlan (M242)Culfeightrin?, Co Antrim18001830
McLean (M245)Campbeltown, Argyll17501900
McLean (M245)Killean, Argyll17501900
McMurchy/Mcmurphy (M256)Clachan, South Knapdale, Argyll17701800
McNair (M256)Killean, Argyll17001820
Mcneill (M254)Isle of Colonsay, Argyll18001820
McNiven (M251)Killean, Argyll17001750
McStalker/Stalker (M234)Killean, Argyll17701790
Milloy (M400)Killean, Argyll17001950
Moffat (M130)Campbeltown, Argyll18601900
Moffat (M130)Southend, Argyll18401860
Montgomery (M532)Ayrshire17001750
Morris (M620)Kinghorn, Fife17751820
Moyes (M200)Hillend, Fife17501890
Nash (N200)North Petherton, Somerset17201840
Nash (N200)Tiverton, Devon18601870
Nash (N200)West Monkton, Somerset18401860
Nicol (N240)Clackmannan, Clackmannanshire18501870
Nicol (N240)Gargunnock, Stirlingshire18001830
Nicol (N240)Inverkeithing, Fife18701900
Ritchie (R320)Dunning, Perthshire17301760
Ryan (R500)Tipperary18001850
Scott (S230)Campbeltown, Argyll17701800
Sheddon (S350)Killean, Argyll18001850
Steven (S315)Dalserf, Lanarkshire17501800
Steven (S315)Galston, Ayrshire17901840
Taylor (T460)Burlescombe, Devon17901840
Thomson (T525)Aberdour, Fife18301850
Thomson (T525)Dysart, Fife17501830
Treanor (T656)Co Monaghan, Ireland18401890
Vickery (V260)Halberton, Devon17501830
Williamson (W452)Dunbog, Fife18201850
Williamson (W452)Methil (Innerleven), Fife18501900
Williamson (W452)Scone, Perthshire17501820
Wilson (W425)Fife17801810