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Surname Interest List for Carolyn P

Carolyn P has created a surname interest list. Contact them via the forum here.

Surname Place Year From Year To
Bacon (B250)Norfolk
Bates (B320)Bedfordshire
Bean (B500)Norfolk/Suffolk
Beverley (B164)Norfolk
Bolingbroke (B452)Norfolk
Cole (C400)Northamptonshire
Crofts (C613)Dorset
Crotch (C632)Norfolk
Damon (D550)Dorset
Daniels (D542)Norfolk
Ford (F630)Norfolk
Foss (F200)Dorset
Gibbons (G152)Berkshire
Goodman (G355)Northamptonshire
Green (G650)Wantage, Berkshire
Harbord (H616)Norfolk
Hawley (H400)Staffordshire
Holmes (H452)Norfolk
Hook (H200)Norfolk
Hooper (H160)Norfolk
Kinch (K520)Wantage, Berkshire
Larcombe (L625)Dorset
Ling (L520)Suffolk
Myhill (M400)Norfolk
Nava (N100)italy
Neve (N100)Norfolk
Nobbs (N120)Dorset
Nobbs (N120)Norfolk
Perkins (P625)Devon
Reader (R360)Suffolk/Cambridgeshire
Satchell (S324)Northamptonshire
Saul (S400)Norfolk
Skinner (S256)Bedfordshire
Smalley (S540)Leicestershire
Stagg (S320)Norfolk
Tarry (T600)Northamptonshire
Tee (T000)Northamptonshire
Tyler (T460)Berkshire
Vine (V500)Dorset
Ward (W630)Suffolk
Whall (W400)Norfolk
Williams (W452)Dorset
Wrigley (W624)Northamptonshire