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Surname Interest List for JALimestonePlains

JALimestonePlains has created a surname interest list. Contact them via the forum here.

Surname Place Year From Year To
Allen (A450)Uttoxeter, Staffordshire UK18061935
Armitage (A653)Huddersfield and surrounds Yorkshire18002013
Barlow (B640)Leek Staffordshire UK18001911
Bradley (B634)Wakefiled, Huddersfield, Yorkshire18041911
Brett (B630)Wonersh, Surry, UK17941900
Bull (B400)Colton, Staffordshire, UK17941871
Carrurthers (C663)Carlisle, Huddersfield, Yorkshire, UK18081811
Dean (D500)Bucknall, Staffordshire, UK1789
Dean (D500)Wibsey, North Brieley, Barnsley, Wombell, Yorkshire, UK18081980
Dean (D500)Wombwell, Barnsley, NSW1895
Duce (D200)Leek, Staffordshire, UK1875
Earls (E642)Leek, Staffordshire, UK1751
Ellis (E420)Huddersfield, Yorkshire, UK1862
Ellis (E420)Shepley, Yorkshire, UK1786
Evans (E152)Scholes, Barnsley, Yorkshire, UK1770
Haigh (H200)Slaithwaite, Yorkshire1873
Hepworth (H163)Barnsley, Yorkshire, UK1787
Kendrick (K536)Colton, Staffordshire, UK1778
Lofthouse (L132)Wakefield, Huddersfield, Yorkshire, UK1779
Pogson (P250)Huddersfield, Yorkshire, UK1885
Schofield (S214)Huddersfield, Yorkshire, UK1773
Smith (S530)East Molesey, Bury, Sussex, UK1826
Stubbs (S312)Birmingham, UK1827
Taylor (T460)Chilvers Coton, Staffordshire, Barnsley, Yorkshire, UK1796
Walter (S) (W436)Madehurst, Sussex, UK1819