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Surname Interest List for Oakum Picker

Oakum Picker has created a surname interest list. Contact them via the forum here.

Surname Place Year From Year To
Allison (A425)Herts16501750
Arnold (A654)Herts15801750
Bacon (B250)Herts & elsewhere17801830
Baldock (B432)Herts Beds15501730
Barker (B626)Herts16501780
Bennet (B530)Herts17001850
Braham (B650)Suffolk16001800
Branson (B652)Suffolk16001780
Buckingham (B252)Herts16001750
Bull (B400)Suffolk17001800
Buxton (B235)Suffolk17001810
Byworth (B630)Beds16501700
Cannell (C540)Suffolk, Norfolk16501900
Carter (C636)Herts17001850
Caudell (C340)Herts Beds17001750
Cotton (C350)Herts16801770
Craine (C650)Herts16001650
Crickmore (C625)Ipswich, Eye, Suffolk17901950
Downing (D552)Ipswich, Suffolk17501950
Ellis (E420)Herts17001770
Farmer (F656)Herts15401710
Francis (F652)Herts17001800
Freeman (F655)Herts16501700
Gilbert (G416)Beds16401670
Gorbel (G614)Norfolk16801750
Gowing (G520)Suffolk, Norfolk16501830
Groom (G650)Herts17401810
Grundon (G653)Herts Beds16501800
Haggar (H260)Suffolk17001840
Hailey (H400)Hitchin Herts16501950
Hammond (H553)Herts15501600
Hayward (H630)Suffolk16501750
Henderson (H536)Beds17001750
Heydon (H350)Herts16801750
Hide (H300)Herts17001840
Hill (H400)Herts16801760
Holt (H430)Hitchin, Stevenage, Herts17001900
Howard (H630)Herts16901880
Izzard (I263)Herts16501830
James (J520)Suffolk16801780
Jarvis (J612)Herts16501720
Johnson (J525)Norfolk1760
Kirby (K610)Herts Beds16501880
Latchford (L321)Herts Beds17001830
Law (L000)Beds17001750
Lemon (L550)Suffolk16001800
Maddock (M320)Herts Beds17501840
Martin (M635)Herts16001680
Mason (M250)Herts16501740
Mayhew (M000)Suffolk17601820
Morley (M640)Herts17001750
Moyse (M200)Suffolk17501810
Pateman (P355)Hitchin Herts17501950
Pittock (P320)Suffolk16501710
Plumb (P451)Suffolk16401750
Pope (P100)Suffolk16501710
Powell (P400)Herts17001780
Punter (P536)Herts17001770
Quarry (Q600)Herts16501740
Roberts (R163)Herts16501780
Sallows (S420)Suffolk, Norfolk16501730
Sanders (S536)Beds15801680
Shepherd (S163)Herts16801760
Sterne (S365)Suffolk15501680
Stevens (S315)Beds15801720
Taylor (T460)Herts16501810
Toply (T140)Suffolk16301750
Valentine (V453)Herts15801720
Walker (W426)Herts Beds16501820
Warren (W650)Suffolk15501640
Wells (W420)Herts Beds16501700
Wilshere (W426)Herts17001870
Wootton (W350)Beds16501770