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Surname Interest List for Nona

Nona has created a surname interest list. Contact them via the forum here.

Surname Place Year From Year To
Admons (A355)Berkshire
Adnams (A355)Berkshire
Bache (B200)Herefordshire1650
Bellet (B430)Wiltshire and Gloucestershire
Bishop (B210)Moreton, Jeffries, Ullingswick, Herefordshire
Boulter (B436)Somerset
Carlson (C642)Sweden18301860
Carlson, Charlson (C642)London1840
Caslord (C246)Gloucestershire1700
Charlson (C642)London1840
Collins (C452)Bromyard, Herefordshire
Cook Or Cooke (C262)Pensford, Somerset
Cotterell (C364)Herefordshire
Cox (C200)Wiltshire and Gloucestershire
Crowe (C600)Suffolk
Dorton (D635)Middlesex
Drew (D600)Herefordshire
Fleetwood (F433)Ledbury, Tarrington Herefordshire16001860
Ford (F630)Somerset
Goffee (G100)Middlesex
Green (G650)Somerset & Gloucestershire
Gullock (G420)Bristol
Gunning (G552)Somerset
Hales Or Gough (H426)Gloucestershire
Holder (H436)Gloucestershire1700
Kerr (K600)Middlesex17801830
Kitchen (K325)Roydon, Diss, Norfolk16001811
Knapper Or Napper (K516)Herefordshire1650
Meredith (M633)Herefordshire
Nash (N200)Herefordshire, Warwickshire, Middlesex17501940
Osmond (O255)Lyndhurst, Hampshire1650
Price (P620)Pensford and Bitton
Purcus Or Purkis (P622)Lyndhurst, Hampshire1650
Rawlins Or Rollins (R452)Herefordshire
Reeves (R120)Middlesex
Reynolds (R543)Suffolk1850
Smallridge (S546)Herefordshire1650
Stiles (S342)Middlesex and Surrey
Sturge (S362)Gloucestershire, Herefordshire16501810
Taylor (T460)North Stoke, Somerset
Thurlow (T640)Norfolk, Suffolk
Tyler (T460)Gravesend Kent
Veal (V400)Monmouthshire1850
Veal, Vale (V414)Somerset
Woollage (W420)Roydon, Diss, Norfolk