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Surname Interest List for Christine in Herts

Christine in Herts has created a surname interest list. Contact them via the forum here.

Surname Place Year From Year To
Avery (A160)Chichester, Sussex, UK17001820
Bates (B320)Wingrave, Bucks, UK17001880
Bennett (B530)Aston, Birmingham, UK1850
Bennett (B530)Detroit, Michigan19231960
Bennett (B530)Largo, Florida19551967
Bennett (B530)North Kilworth / Lutterworth, Leics17501900
Bennett (B530)Toronto, Canada19161924
Bigwood (B230)Chichester area, Sussex, UK1785
Booth (B300)Alton, Staffs, UK17901870
Boulton (B435)Ashon Keynes, Wilts, UK17001950
Bray (B600)Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, UK17001850
Challen / Challin (C452)Climping / South Bersted, Sussex, UK17001820
Chambers (C516)Slindon area, Sussex, UK16001750
Christmas (C623)Hampshire, UK15001981
Cook (C200)Eatington, Warwicks17501820
Cowley (C400)Wiltshire, UK17001910
Eden (E350)Farnborough, Warwicks, UK17501850
Foster (F236)Bishops Waltham, Hampshire17501850
Frost (F623)Hampshire17001820
Gardner / Gardiner / Gardener / Garner / Garnar (G635)Swalcliffe, Oxfordshire, UK17561875
Harmwood (H653)Slindon, Sussex15001620
Hayler / Hailer / Haylor (H464)South Bersted / Felpham, Sussex, UK17701855
Heighes (H220)Hampshire, UK
Hensher (H526)Sussex, UK17001820
Huntingford (H535)Hampshire, UK
Jupe / Juppe (J121)Shipley, Sussex15001700
Lamb (L510)South Newington, Oxfordshire, UK17001750
Lancaster (L522)Dunstable, Beds, UK17001900
Lancaster (L522)Maidenhead, Berks, UK18001950
Lancaster (L522)Swindon, Wilts, UK19001980
Larke (L620)London, England, UK16001710
Light (L230)West Wittering, Sussex, UK16001900
Longhurst (L526)Portsmouth area, Hants, UK17001750
Lyckfold / Lyckefold (L214)Hampshire
Newland / Nuland / Nueland (N453)Slindon, Sussex, UK15001900
Pafoot / Paffoot / Paffot / Pafoott / Paffoott / Paffott (P131)Portsmouth area, Hants, UK17001830
Pinfold (P514)Banbury-area, Oxfordshire, UK17501850
Playford (P416)Hampshire, UK
Riggs (R200)Sussex, UK16001710
Russell (R240)Portchester, Hampshire, UK17501920
Sapp (S100)Slindon, Sussex, UK16001710
Stow / Stowe (S323)Banbury area, Oxfordshire, UK17001750
Stratford (S363)Wigginton, Oxfordshire, UK18101900
Taylor / Tayler (T463)Ashton Keynes, Wiltshire, UK17701940
Telling (T452)Ashton Keynes, Wiltshire, UK17001810
Tisdell / Tisdale (T234)Westminster, London, UK16001710
Vagger / Vaggar (V261)Chichester, Sussex, UK16001710
Warr / War (W660)Birmingham area, UK1895
Warr / War (W660)South Newington, Oxfordshire16751900
Weston / Wesson (W235)Leicester area, UK17501880
Wyre (W600)London, England, UK15001700