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Surname Interest List for lincslady

lincslady has created a surname interest list. Contact them via the forum here.

Surname Place Year From Year To
Bayston (B235)Holbeach/ Fleet/ Gedney Lincolnshire16002014
Capes (C120)South Lincolnshire17002014
Dent (D530)Holbeach/ Baston Lincolnshire - North Lincolnshire16502014
Moody (M300)Spalding/Holbeach Lincolnshire17802014
Mutler (M346)London/ Cambridgeshire/ Lincolnshire/ nottinghamshire17002014
Smith (S530)Spalding/Holbeach Lincolnshire17502014
Tennant (T553)Holbeach/ Baston Lincolnshire17002014
Williamson (W452)Norfolk and Cambridgeshire18002014
Wright (W623)South Lincolnshire17502014
Wright (W623)Suffolk17002014