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Surname Interest List for JBee

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Surname Place Year From Year To
Baigent (B253)
Barr (B600)Ireland, Hartlepool, Scotland, Sunderland18002000
Brown (B650)Tweedmouth, Berwick on Tweed
Cameron (C565)Edinburgh1780
Cuthbert (C316)Herdhill, Kirriemuir, Angus17701870
Donnelly (D540)Boston USA
Farmer (F656)Edinburgh, Ireland17501950
Fee (F000)Philadelphia
Galbreath, Galbraith (G416)Argyll1750
Hall (H400)Gladsmuir, Midlothian
Hoare (H600)
Hope (H100)Berwick on Tweed,1800
Kirk (K620)Sunderland, Ireland18401950
Lowson (L250)Kirriemuir, Forfar,17501920
Lumsdane, Lumsden, Lumesden (L523)Edinburgh1780
McBryde (M216)Ireland17701822
McGilthighnich (M243)Islay17451800
McKenzie (M252)Westmoreland, Northumberland
McLaughlan Mclagloughlin (M242)Innishmagrath, Co Leitrim1800
McMillan (M254)Clachan, Argyll1750
McMurchy, Mcmurchie (M256)Clachan, Argyll
McQuade, Mcquaid (M235)Ireland
Mitchell (M324)Gladsmuir, Leith, Midlothian
Newton, Nuton (N353)Northumberland1750
Paden, Paddon, Mcpaden (P351)Innismagrath, Co Leitrim, Ireland18001860
Robinson (R152)Chirnside, Berwick1780
Rodgers (R326)Chirnside, Berwick
Sands (S532)Cork? Cook, Ireland18001850
Shaw (S000)Islay, Bute, Australia, NZ17451900
Slight, Sleight (S423)Berwick on Tweed1790
Stirton (S363)Angus, Perth,17701950
Wade (W300)Sunderland