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Surname Interest List for JayG

JayG has created a surname interest list. Contact them via the forum here.

Surname Place Year From Year To
Brunskill (B652)North Yorkshire and Co Durham
Bursell (B624)East Yorkshire
Gash (G200)Lincolnshire and Co Durham
Hadden (H350)East Yorkshire
Haggett/Haggith (H232)Norfolk/Suffolk boarder
Hall (H400)Grinton/Reeth area, North Yorkshire
Hammond (H553)Grinton/Reeth area, North Yorkshire
Kelly/Kelley (K424)Scarborough, East Yorkshire
Oliver (O416)Co Durham
Petch (P320)North East Lincolnshire and Co Durham
Readman (R355)Co Durham
Severs/Sivers (S162)North Yorkshire
Sparrow (S160)Norfolk/Suffolk boarder
Walton (W435)Alston, Cumbria
Wilkinson (W425)Bishop Auckland area, Co Durham
Wrangham (W652)Co Durham