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Old 17-04-21, 09:17
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Lol! Best Mate's grandfather was full of excellent stories about "Great Granny Lanning". Unfortunately, we think he heard stories about his cousins' family. We appear to have disentangled at least three different "Great Granny Lannings" (lots of second marriages/cousin marriages), only one of which was actually her ancestor.
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Old 21-04-21, 10:24
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I'm going through my great-great-grandmother's records.

My great-grandmother was the only child of Eliza Jeffcoat's (maiden name) to Henry William Pond or Bond. Henry died in 1882 at Blandford Street, Marylebone, London, where they ran a coffee house.

By 1891 she living at Portsea with her now married daughter Jessie and Jessie's husband Joseph Purkis.

Why did she move from central London?
How, where and when did Joseph Purkis and Jessie Bond meet?
Joseph was an Engineer Officer in the Royal Navy.
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Old 21-04-21, 12:21
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I wish I’d asked Grandma if she registered my mother’s birth, and if she did, under what name.
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