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Old 13-01-24, 18:42
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Default Well that was unexpected

I've had a fairly small DNA match I couldn't make head not tail off for what seems like forever, I'd forgotten all about him until yesterday when he came up as a shared match to a new teeny weeny match on the other side of my tree.

I tried to make sense of the bmd records based on his tree but wasn't getting far and more out of desperation than anything googled the name of who seemed to be his father and found the article in the link. The wife of the man featured in the article is my 2c1r. It hasn't helped with my big mysteries but I can chalk off another small victory sorting my matches and claim a Holocaust survivor and violinist who led the BBC Symphony Orchestra for 23 years as part of my tree.
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Old 13-01-24, 20:09
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Glen, that's lovely. I've had one or two google surprises myself and it's amazing when you find a link to someone who overcame such odds.

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Old 14-01-24, 03:15
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What a find, Glen. A very nice addition to your tree, indeed.

Found this on Trove. Hope the link works.

Hungarian Violinist To Play With Sydney Orchestra

I wonder if Libby's mother would have known of, or even played alongside, him.
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Old 14-01-24, 06:40
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How exciting. Bela Dekany was a very familiar name in the 70s and 80s.
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