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Default Richard Crosland (OH's FMMMF)


Name - "official" name and what they were known as
Richard Crosland

Date and place of birth

Names of parents
Richard Crosland(see baptism)

Date and place of baptism - if applicable
possible christening
25 Dec 1791 Thornhill By Dewsbury Yorkshire
Father Richard

Details of each of his or her marriages - if any
Richard Crosland
Ann Thompson
10 Jan 1819
St John Wakefield
From Wakefield and District Family History Society’s Marriage Index for St John:
By Banns
Crosland Richard Of this parish (Signed)
Thompson Ann Of this parish (signed)

1. Edward Chr. 5 Aug 1821 St John’s Wakefield
Abode: Northgate
DOB 5 May 1821
2. Hannah Chr. 18 May 1823 St John’s Wakefield
Abode: Ouchthorpe Lane
DOB 21 Apr 1823
3. John Chr. 6 Mar 1825 St John’s Wakefield
Abode: Auchthorpe Lane
DOB 11 Dec 1824
4. William Chr. 25 Dec 1826 St John’s Wakefield
Abode: Providence Street
DOB 25 Oct 1826
5. Benjamin Chr. 14 Sep 1829 St John’s Wakefield
Abode: Morley
DOB 29 Mar 1829
6. Richard Chr. 14 Jun 1832 St John’s Wakefield
Abode: Morley
DOB 2 Nov 1831

Occupation(s) - if any
Butcher (on chlidren's baptisms)

Addresses where they lived (including county if in UK) - and please list
which censuses you have or haven't found him/her on (if s/he lived in census times!).

Date, place and cause of death
Possible deaths:
Richard Crosland
burial 8 Sep 1831 aged 39
St John the Baptist Wakefield Yorkshire

Deaths Jun 1838
Crosland Richard Wakefield 22 473

Date and place of burial.

Details of will / administration of their estate - if applicable

Memorial inscription - if any

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