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Default Charles Richardson c. 1814 - 1877 (FMMMF)

father's mother's mother's mother's father

Charles Richardson

Date and place of birth
c. 1814 Aberlour Banfshire

Names of parents
William Richardson Farm Servant
Ann Richardson M.S. McDonald

Date and place of baptism - if applicable

Details of each of his or her marriages
1835 married Jane Archibald born 1816 Glass Aberdeenshire

1. Robert 1836
2. Janet 1838
3. Charles 1841
4. John 1846
5. Isabella 1847
6. Helen 1850
7. Elizabeth 1852
8. James 1853
9. Anne 1855
10. Charles 1857

There must have been another daughter as Anne's birth record states she was the 10th child and that a daughter had already died.

Farmer, crofter

1841 Census
Domeath Glass Banffshire
Charles Richardson 25 Ag. Lab. Y
Jean 20 Y
Robert 4 Y
Janet 2 Y

1851 Census
Rediston Grange Banffshire
Charles Richardson Head Mar 36 Ag Lab and Farmer 8 acres employing ? Banffshire Aberlour
Jane Wife Mar 34 Aberdeenshire Glass
Robert Son U 14 Scholar Aberdeenshire Glass
Janet Daur 12 Farmer’s daughter employed at home Aberdeenshire Glass
John Son 5 Scholar Aberdeenshire Huntly
Isabella Daur 3 Banffshire Grange
Helen Helen 10 months Banffshire Grange

1861 Census
Bogg Parish of Grange
Charles Richardson Head Mar 46 Farmer of 30 acres Aberlour Banffshire
Jane Richardson Wife Mar 44 Farmer’s wife Aberdeenshire Glass
John Richardson Son Unm 15 Scholar Aberdeen Huntly
Isabella Richardson Daughter 13 Banffshire Grange
Helen Richardson Daughter 10 Scholar Banffshire Grange
Betsy Daughter 9 Scholar Banffshire Grange
James Son 7 Scholar Banffshire Grange
Ann Daughter 5 Banffshire Grange
Charles Son 3 Banffshire Grange

1871 Census
Walktop Grange Banffshire
Charles Richardson Head Mar 56 Crofter of 4 acres Banffshire Aberlour
Jane Wife Mar 54 Crofter’s wife Aberdeenshire Glass
Isabella Daughter Unm 23 Domestic servant
Banffshire Grange
James Son Unm 17 Crofter’s son Banffshire Grange
Ann Daughter 15 Banffshire Grange
Charles Son 13 Scholar Banffshire Grange
Isabella R Sim Granddaughter 5 Banffshire Grange
Ann R Cameron Granddaughter 3 months Banffshire Grange

Date, place and cause of death
1877 10th October 8 pm at Lintmill Seafield Rathven Banffshire Charles Richardson, retired farmer, 63 years, died. Erysipelas* 14 days. Death notified by Ann Richardson, daughter, present.

Date and place of burial.

Details of will / administration of their estate

Memorial inscription

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Old 21-04-17, 11:09
ElizabethHerts ElizabethHerts is online now
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On reading the birth certificate for Anne in 1855 I notice that there is some extra detail which other certificates don't have.

There is a heading "Father's" which is divided into two columns. The second column heading says: "When and where married; Issue, living and deceased".

The information given says:
"Married 1835 Glass, Aberdeenshire
3 boys & 4 girls living and 1 boy & 1 girl deceased".

Under the heading "Mother's" this information is given: "Her 10th child 38 years".

The first Charles must have died, but I am missing a child, who must be the daughter who died.

The 1857 record of the birth of the second Charles does not have these headings, so Anne's birth is the only record where this information is given.
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Old 21-04-17, 11:44
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I think extra info was given in 1855 only on Scottish certs so you were lucky to have the 'right' date!

"Something has been filled in that I didn't know was blank" Matthew Broderick WDYTYA? March 2010
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Old 21-04-17, 11:48
ElizabethHerts ElizabethHerts is online now
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This is the only certificate I have which gives this extra information, Merry, so I am very lucky!

It's a shame they didn't seem to record burials/deaths very diligently before 1855. The records are very patchy, and I am also missing a lot of marriages.
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