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Old 29-02-24, 07:52
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I can imagine Harry saying "Look, I only came here to tell you she's died. You can't just leave the body there. No, there aren't any relatives. Well, what do you suggest?"

When Dad died, thirty years ago, I was at his hospital bedside, but at the very end, hospital staff pushed me aside in an attempt to resuscitate him. The Registrar would not allow me to say "present at the death"

I have seen recent certificates with "causing the body to be buried" or similar wording in care home settings.
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Old 02-03-24, 09:13
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That's interesting Phoenix. So you were there, but simultaneously not there. Schrodinger's relative. Hmm.

I've seen 'causing the body to be cremates' on a certificate where someone was picked up in the street and taken to hospital. At the time no relatives could be traced and the subsequent death was registered by a hospital administrator.
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