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Old 21-09-23, 10:52
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Default 1921 Census - finally found!

When the 1921 Census came out I searched in vain for my father, who was born in Glasgow in 1920.

I couldn't find him in either the England or Scotland Census, despite looking high and low.

This morning I thought I'd try again. I tried with first names and birth places. No luck for my father or grandfather, but when I searched for my grandmother, Mary Isabella, born 1896 at Dumfries I got a hit for Mary Isabella Rowe at Kingston in Surrey.

Jocelyn Rowe Head Male 1886 35 Allahabad, India Soldier (Army) Camsey -
Margaret Rowe Wife Female 1885 36 Surbiton, Surrey, England Home Duties -
Anthony Rowe Son Male 1918 3 Ashbury, Devon, England - -
Frederick Rowe Head Male 1891 29 Manchester, Lancashire, England Mechanical Engineers (Head Designer) The Mitchell Coveyor Transport Co Ltd Contracting Engineers
Mary Isabella Rowe Wife Female 1896 24 Dumfries, Dumfriesshire, Scotland - -
Frederick Charles Rowe Son Male 1920 1 Lanarkshire, Scotland - -

The image clearly shows the surname as Alexander but the transcription is wrong. I knew they lived at Kingston for a while but I wasn't sure when they moved there.
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Old 21-09-23, 13:36
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Well done for finding them!

When the 1939 register was first released, my grandfather (aged about 50) had been partly transcribed as an eight-year-old boy who lived about 10 houses further down the road. All the rest in my gf's household were transcribed in part as the siblings of the boy, so of course I couldn't find them. Luckily I eventually thought to search for gf's occupation and nothing else as I was sure I knew the name of the village where he would be living. As not many architects are aged 8, I chose to pay to see this page and it was my family!

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Old 21-09-23, 14:03
Olde Crone Olde Crone is offline
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I was looking at the 1881 (?) census for a locally important man who was possibly a distant relative. I knew his official history but nothing about his family life. The transcription showed him as a farmer with about a dozen unmarried adult children, all of whom were described as "mother" lol. Further investigation showed that "mother" was in fact "other". The farmer concerned was the local JP and poor law officer. The adults appear to have been picked from the workhouse to live and work on his farm by virtue of their surname being Holden, the same as his!

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Old 21-09-23, 16:09
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A careless enumerator gave the maternal grandmother's surname to a family of orphans on the 1901 census. And, despite the fact that she was in her seventies and the children all under twenty, described them as sons and daughters.

Best Mate has suggested I let fellow researchers know, but I'm currently feeling mean! After all, we found them, and grandmother's details are correct.
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Old 22-09-23, 14:06
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On the 1921 English census for my grandfather the home owner had put the names pof the occupants the wrong way around - my grandfather's first name was given as Andrew whereas that was his surname with or without the s.
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