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Old 11-08-17, 12:48
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Default O'Connors from Glenastar, Ardagh, Limerick, Ireland

Just a brief update, with more to follow, about my husband's mother's mother's family. I have posted about them before.
After I visited Ardagh, with my Irish friend, Kate, in 2014, we found that there were many O'Connors in the district and trying to find the correct family seemed highly unlikely.
This year, I was back in Ireland and on the 5th July, I was flying back to the UK.
It wasn't a day I was looking forward to, as it was ten years since my husband had died.
As is the norm, I buy books, lots of them relating to history of the areas with connections to the family. Then I have a trek to the post office to post them back home, as it is much cheaper than paying for excess luggage.
This time however the value I received was priceless.
Different post offices have different protocols and so I find it best to leave the parcels open, in case they want to check the contents, or they are overweight and I have to take items out !!
As you know, post offices are busy places and some times staff aren't very pleased to deal with pesky Aussies and their parcels home
However, this time the youngish man was very helpful and was happy to double the bags over, as they were twice the length and seal them with tape.
While he was doing that, I made the comment that is the trouble of having family in the area, as I buy books and then post them home.
He said - Where are the family from?
I replied - Glenastar, Ardagh.
He said - What is the name?
I said - O'Connor.
He replied - I know two brothers O'Connor from Glenastar.
Knowing how many O'Connors there were there, I still wasn't hopeful.
I said - Really?
He said - We'd better finish with these parcels and then I will ring them and see if they are at work?
Anyhow .. long story BUT I met them and their grandfather and Peter's grandmother were brother and sister!!
They are the nicest men ..
I flew out a few hours later .. not believing what had happened but I have photos lol
I have their address and an invitation to visit the home place
WHEN I go back ..
somehow I could see my husband's Irish eyes smiling and
DON'T I have to go back.
So folks when you least expect it .. you find them .. even when you aren't looking

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Old 11-08-17, 17:46
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Wow, Julie. Just wow wow wow.
My time and date

Janet (Niagara)
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Old 11-08-17, 18:44
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Julie, I just love this story. The photos of the two men were just lovely and they looked so happy to have met you.
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Old 11-08-17, 21:39
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That's amazing Julie! And when you think how easily you might not have met this young man or might not have had any conversation with him.

"Something has been filled in that I didn't know was blank" Matthew Broderick WDYTYA? March 2010
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Old 12-08-17, 12:32
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Janet, Liza and Merry. As you can imagine I am so delighted. I just now need time to settle down and write a letter to them. They have a nephew in Australia too and so I hope at some time in the future, our niece, her family, myself and other O'Connor family descendants, including descendants of the brother who stayed in Ireland, came have a get together. Julie
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Old 12-08-17, 19:43
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How wonderful! Bless that post office worker.
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Old 14-08-17, 11:52
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Absolutely Jill. The post office was busy too, so he really went out on a limb.
I was talking to some of our post office staff today and they were utterly amazed lol
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