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Originally Posted by Olde Crone View Post
Libby - a non parental event would make the Jewish DNA disappear but not necessarily the surname!

istr your Ariels were Lancashire based? I traced one branch of my Lancashire Holdens back to Jewish origins, from Italy via France and from the French revolution to exile in Lancashire, where they married into the Holdens and banished their Jewishness, at least officially.

I can’t get the Ariel’s back very far in the scheme of things. 1700s in Bristol and London, and both lots are traders. Spice, linen, dyes, etc. I am presuming the two men are brothers. Only presuming.
My husband direct line goes back to Yorkshire and the Lake District of Lancs ( at the time), but that was all through marriage of well known names for those areas.

I know there were Ariell families in Northern England and Wales but I can’t connect the different spellings into ours.
I once contacted all the Ariel families who I didn’t know, that were in our phone book. Every one who answered was Jewish! lol
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Old 23-10-22, 21:37
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Yes, sorry, should have said, these Holden s were in Yorkshire/Lake District area and were financiers, which I always thought was odd until I realised the Jewish connection.

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