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Old 05-07-23, 19:27
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Yes, exactly.
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Old 06-07-23, 19:42
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I do find it a bit odd that the number of shared segments isn't shown when clicking a name but it is shown for the shared matches.

For example my best match is BG, 0.97% DNA shared (70.31 cM but no segment information). He has one shared match PC, it's only when I click on PC that I can see BG and myself share DNA across 6 segments.

BG is also on Ancestry (40cM across 4 segments) and on MH (69.1?cM across 5).

I have around 450 matches and have spotted a few that are also Ancestry users. I've messaged a few on both sites but not had replies. To access the new feature would cost me £19 but at present I just can't see it is worthwhile, I just don't have the quality or quantity of matches and there's no way to tell if someone is active or not.
Based on some results on MH I have a fair number of 30-50cM American and Australian matches in the big pile up region on chr 15.
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