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Originally Posted by ElizabethHerts View Post
Family Search trees are horrendous too.

I had a notification over the weekend about a change to my Alexander ancestor in Avebury. He was born, married and died in Avebury. Now he has been allocated a different father from a different parish and included in a different family and I'm struggling to change it back.

Part of me thinks that if people want to believe this rubbish then let them, but the perfectionist in me is incensed.
I just wish I hadn't started my tree on Family Search and I've given up trying to make changes. It isn't easy to correct additions made by others. I think part of the problem is that some people have no idea of the geography and distances in England and you find incorrect ancestors added from, say, Lancashire, when you know yours never left Somerset or Wiltshire. I do find it annoying and am glad only part of my tree is online there.
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