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Default I think my fate is to never know

I finally get a halfway decent match (275cM),on My Heritage and quickly worked out it's a maternal link that ties into the ever expanding mystery group of descendants from a family called Wesseldine.

This one is a lady in her 80's with a tiny tree but just enough to work out who she is and who her parents are but then comes the problem. From her perspective it's a link through her paternal grandfather but not only was he illegitimate (and no likely birth ref), he then changed his name when he signed up for the army. To make matters worse several Ancestry trees claim that he, and his siblings all share the same father though given the 'father' died before several of the siblings were born that clearly isn't the case.

I've managed to build her tree and link her to others in the group but can't fathom the link from any of them to me. All I know is that none of them match my maternal cousins and just convinces me more that either my mother or grandfther is an NPE .
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