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Old 14-06-23, 19:20
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Default Ancestry DNA accounts whose owners have died

I went to check cousin's account which I manage, to discover that I can no longer access it.

This probably means that her email address has been cancelled.

Her siblings don't approve of DNA testing, so she never told them. Her email address was based on one of her cats, and her user name nothing like her real name. To provide further security for her siblings, the tree only starts about three generations back.

So... how on earth would anyone gain access to it?

When there was a problem, setting up sib's DNA account, Ancestry would only communicate via his email address.

Even if I provided a death certificate, would Ancestry allow me to take control? Who has ownership of her DNA now?
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Old 14-06-23, 19:49
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I think it would be her estate, next of kin, or if a will who is named and inherits.

If you aren't any those and it is someone else they may allow you to carry on but if has you have said they weren't keen they will probably want it deleted perhaps.

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Old 14-06-23, 20:25
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Two of my deceased relatives have DNA tests online (both with MyH), and their accounts are still visible online. No idea whether their email addresses still work, though.
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