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Old 22-09-12, 17:05
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I believe that "Milliner" was sometimes used as a euphemism for the mistress of a rich man - he would set her up in a little hat shop, lol.

My Auntie Jessie was a milliner and a more proper, respectable spinster you could not have met!

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Old 03-10-12, 05:58
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Whilst watching last week's episode yesterday I suddenly realised I hadn't watched this one either!

I really enjoyed it - there were a few small niggles, like them apparently assuming Rosa was Louis's daughter etc, but other than that and a couple of other minor things I thought it was really interesting. Loved her face whn she realised Elizabeth Braham's occ, but Alex is an actress so I kept thinking we might have missed them saying "take two" etc!

I did find the WW1 info interesting as I knew nothing about the work some companies of Royal Engineers did. The historian who told her about it (slightly shaggy grey-haired chap with a moustache) reminded me of someone else on the TV, but I couldn't place him!

"Something has been filled in that I didn't know was blank" Matthew Broderick WDYTYA? March 2010
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Old 03-10-12, 18:46
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I loved this episode but then I like Alex Kingston.

I thought this one had a lot in and did go some way in FH and yes I have to agree Merry I had no idea about the photo imaging (not sure thats the right phrase) that the Royal Engineers were responsible for to pinpoint the German artillery.

But I have to say the Braham family were more interesting to me because its what I regard as FH rather than minute details about WWII or WWI if its pertinent to the subject then thats okay but they go into to much depth and detail I think.
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