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Old 23-11-09, 14:29
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Yep found page 80 you're right Feb starts 80 pages in from April which is on page 1!

I'm trawling now... it could be they moved a little more east by 1848 though i.e. St Matthews, St James the Great etc. St Leonard's was the Kilby church though there's tons of them they're all related and I see that horrible scrawly writing has appeared again!
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Old 23-11-09, 15:19
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Emma isn't there.

Perhaps another church totally mistranscribed!


I now know that there would have been a bit of queue for baptisms in those days having seen an entry that said 'left church not baptised' and crossed out from another family historian and finding out they did it at the same church a few weeks later couldn't be bothered to wait, don't blame them they were 250th (from memory) on the day they eventually got 'seen'.

Would both parents have to attend or could the mother just take them, bearing in mind husband would probably have to work otherwise not get paid.

Which bears out my theory on 'Atilia' rather than Matilda for last baptism although they got Joseph's name right but he would have been 5 so perhaps spoke for himself and by then was used to speaking. Perhaps Charlotte gave up poor thing.

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Old 16-01-11, 15:40
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Default Emma Louise Kilbey

I have just read through these postings with interest as Emma Louise Kilbey is my 2nd Great Grand Aunt. Her brother is Frederick John Kilby is my 2nd Great Grand father. So I am very interested in the Kilbey and Horton families.

I have seemed to come to a standsill regarding Emma's mother (Charlotte) family the Hortons. I cannot find marriages for her siblings or find any of then on the Census or maybe I have just missed them

Regards - Terri
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Old 16-01-11, 16:16
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Sent you some PMs.

I find Richard and Matilda Kilby and William and Ann Mary Horton a bit of stalemate at the moment although I have found some stuff.

Emma Louisa Kilby was my Great Grandmother and Charlotte Horton was my Great Great Grandmother.
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