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Default Ann Titley (FFMM)

I may have mentioned this lady before

Although I have lots of information about her (thanks to the excellent Australian BMD certificates), I still don't know her exact surname, exactly where and when she was born, exactly when she came to Aus from England, and whether she was a convict or a free settler. Nor have I found either of her two alleged marriages. Any help or suggestions would be gratefully received

Name - "official" name and what they were known as
Her married name was Ann(e) Kelly. Her first husband (not sure if they were actually married) was apparently called Jones.

Her maiden name is different on every single document I have. So far, the variations I've found (some of which are clearly mistranscriptions), taken from her death cert and her children's birth, death and marriage certs, are Tickle, Tickles, Titlin, Titland, Teakle, Tittlen, Fittlen, Filling, Little, and Didley.

I assume she was illiterate and the spelling of her name depended on her accent or her (Irish) husband's.

Date and place of birth
Abt 1824-25, Birmingham, England (this information appears on her death cert and on the birth cert of one of her children)

I've had a good look on the English censuses and the IGI and not found an obvious candidate. Of course, she may have come from one of the Staffordshire or Warwickshire villages near Birmingham and just given the name of the nearest big town.

Names of parents
Joseph Teakle (?), outrider, and Sarah (this information appears on her death cert)

Date and place of baptism - if applicable
Not known

Details of each of his or her marriages - if any
1. 1st marriage to Arthur or Charles Jones, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, c. 1841. Children: 1 boy, dead. (This information appears on her death cert; however, I haven't been able to find the marriage, or the birth or death of the child)

2. 2nd marriage to Den(n)is Kelly, possibly in Port Phillip (now Melbourne), 1851 (this information appears on the birth cert of one of her children); on her death cert it says she was married in Sydney; however, I haven't been able to find a marriage either in Victoria or in NSW.

Occupation(s) - if any
None known

Addresses where they lived (including county if in UK) - and please list which censuses you have or haven't found him/her on.

According to her death cert she lived in Hobart, Tasmania from about 1840-1852, and in NSW from about 1852-1890.

1840-1852 (approx): Hobart, Tasmania
1841 English census: not found
1851 English census: not found
1851: (possibly) Port Philip/Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
1852: Parramatta, NSW, Australia
1856: Petersham, Sydney, NSW
1858: Sydney, NSW
1859: Annandale, Sydney, NSW
1861: Annandale, Sydney, NSW
1862: Sydney, NSW
1867: Dobroyde, Ashfield, Sydney, NSW
1890: Bland Street, Ashfield, Sydney, NSW

Date, place and cause of death
3rd April 1890, senile gangrene.

Date and place of burial / cremation.
5th April 1890, Rookwood Cemetery, Roman Catholic section, Sydney, NSW.

Details of will / administration of their estate - if applicable
None known.

Memorial inscription - if any
Not known.

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