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Old 08-05-21, 15:40
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I found this really interesting to do!

Great Grandmothers: 66, 72, 82, 69
Great Great: 72, 71, 67, 72, 57, 71, 83, 28
Great Great Great: 42, 36, 79, 71, 61, 30, 51, 60, 64, 81, 75, 73, 84, 62, 57

Average age for ggg grandmothers: 61

Great Grandfathers: 85, 77, 50, 90
Great Great: 86, 48, 68, 85, 83, 82, 46, 67
Great Great Great: 43, 58, 30, 68, 81, 80, 55, 66, 80, 73, 71, 56, 68, 62

Average age for ggg grandfathers: 63

Seems that in the first three generations, men were longer lived than women. As I go further back, there seem to be more longer-lived ones, many into their 80s and 90s (male and female).

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Old 09-05-21, 09:33
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My ancestor Sylvester Manclarke was buried Feb 16 1784 in Lowestoft, aged 106. I have a copy of it from the register and that's exactly what it says - fits in with his baptism as well.

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Old 09-05-21, 10:04
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I will never know for sure how old my 10x-great-grandfather Edmund Armesby was when he died, but he was definitely very old.

The entry from the parish register states this:

“Edmund Armesby an aged man beinge, by his owne relation in his life time, and the opinion of aged men who knewe him even from their minority, about one hundred and tenne yeres of age died January 15th and was buried Jan: 16 Anno 1629 predict at evening prayer by Walter Winston master of Artes and at that time Curate here to the great Comfort of all the parish of Bletchington”
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Old 09-05-21, 17:46
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OH's 6 X g-grandfather married 5 times and died aged 92. His 5th wife was over 30 years younger than him, and herself lived to 94.

So between them their lives spanned the years 1693 to 1818.
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Old 01-06-21, 09:55
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My 4 x great grandfather died in 1845, aged 97. This is the oldest death in my family that I know of. My 3 times great grandfather in a different branch died at 93.

Most of my direct ancestors (excluding women who died in childbirth) died in their 80s or 90s. If they lived in the countryside they tended to live longer than those in the towns/cities.

Recently they've been dying off earlier than in the past.
Love from Nell
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