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Old 09-11-12, 22:26
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Default How sad!

I knew my gt x 3 grandfather John Mealing/Mealins had tried to kill himself in 1884 and eventually died from his wounds, but hadn't any further information. Now FMP has got a British Newspapers database I did a search and found a report in the Gloucester Citizen 14 August 1884, which said

"Mr Ball, coroner, held an inquest on the body of John Mealins, aged 79, a labourer, of Rendcombe, who died the previous day from the effects of a wound in the throat.

"Deceased remained in the house till the end of the month, but got no better, when contrary to the wishes of the relatives, and the man himself, he was removed to the Cirencester Workhouse" which is where he died... The report continued "The jury returned a verdict in accordance with the medical evidence, and requested that the guardians should make full enquiries as to why the man was removed from his home in opposition to his wishes, and that in future the medical officer who had been attending the case before sent to the workhouse, should give a report of the case to the officer who attended the workhouse."

Poor man couldn't die when he wanted and couldn't even die where he wanted!
Love from Nell
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Old 10-11-12, 04:39
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Poor chap - seems they had very little control over their lives sometimes :-(
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Old 10-11-12, 04:42
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Very sad. The workhouse to some was a fate worse than death.

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Old 10-11-12, 08:19
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I remember when growing up the elderly were really against going into hospital at all costs - given that many hospitals were housed in the old Workhouse buildings the inference being that if you went in you never came out!!
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