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Default Great Aunt Sallie ... Nightmare!

Over a decade ago, I gave up searching for the birth and general info re my dad's scary aunt (Sallie Margaret).
I've had another go at it and am getting nowhere.

She was the youngest child, born, I assume, in Tallaght, Dublin c1913 (although I think she changed this to 1916).

Her mother was Rose Connor (nee Lahlor 1880, Dublin).
Rose's husband was John Connor (1871, Carlow).

The story is that Sallie's father was not John Connor and was either American or Canadian and he paid for her education. Where she was educated is unknown. Maybe abroad? Dunno.
Sallie often mentioned Uncle Jack and we assumed this was husband no.1.
Not true.
Uncle Jack was Colonel S John Channing Pearce (sp) and we don't know what the relationship was.
When Uncle Jack died, Sallie married his best friend, Patrick Wilmot Beresford Meredith Roe.

They lived in Colombo, Ceylon for many years, managing a tea plantation, until the Brits were kicked out and they moved back to England, eventually settling just outside Oxford.

I have a pic which looks like their wedding and I think it's dated 1949 but I have no idea which country it was in.

Looked at Irish stuff but she doesn't show up.
Any ideas where I try next please?

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