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Old 10-08-23, 22:34
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Default Another both sides question.

I have 33 matches on both sides with the new Ancestry update. All bar one share less that 1% DNA and have mostly around 8-10cM. I am discarding them for the moment. None have trees or common ancestors.

My question relates to D. We only share 2% and 112cM. However, I know D. Her mother and I share great grandparents on my mother’s side.

Is there any way of determining how much of the DNA belongs to each side?
If she does share DNA on my father’s side , I presume it’s way back in the Scottish side, as she does have some Scottish DNA on her father’s side as well, and I have loads, but the majority of her father’s is M?ori, Cook Islander. I have none of those.
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Old 10-08-23, 22:54
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I don't know of a way, sorry.

Family History News updated 19th July
Gwent Workhouse Registers 1833-1957 new on Ancestry
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Old 23-08-23, 07:46
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I have just been looking at my "both sides" DNA matches more closely.

Outside of my two daughters and my niece, I have 41 both sides matches. All of them share from 17cM down to 8cM with me, ALL of them in 2 Segments.

The ones I have checked, Ancestry has my mother or father (and never both), matching with this person in a smaller amount over only 1 segment. Some show no match of any amount (or maybe less than 8cM?) with Mum or Dad.

Is the second segment confusing Ancestry's algorithm?

Is the assignment to paternal or maternal being mucked up by the Timber algorithm adjusting downwards Mum and Dad's shared cMs? Has it discounted one segment of Mum or Dad's DNA match, leaving just one segment, where for some reason, it leaves my segments in tact ?

Next up, check if anyone has enough of a tree to make some kind of connection. It's possible that there is some kind of "both sides" connections with ancestors on both sides from Warwickshire.


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