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My maternal grandmother Lily Spence.

Possibly 1887 or 1888? Lily's mother was first married to William Wilson, and on the 1881 in Headingley we see a mixed household: his (Sarah Jane), hers (Emily, John, Joseph) and theirs (Elizabeth/Lily, Ethel):

George Spence 51
Elizabeth Spence 42
Emily Louisa Wilson 20
John W. Wilson 18
Joseph J. Wilson 15
Sarah Jane Spence 11
Elizabeth Spence 6
Ethel Mary Spence 3
Note this last name is Ethel May, not Ethel Mary; an Ancestry mistranscription.

This photo has my grandmother Lily Spence, front left, next to her father George Spence. Her mother Elizabeth (formerly Wilson, nee Crampton) stands behind Lily. I'm guessing that the young men are John and Joe Wilson. Not too sure of the other two females. Lily's full sister Ethel is not in this picture.

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