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Guinevere 01-03-11 14:02

Family Photos 1881 - 1890
Please add your photos with the names of those photographed, if known.

Margaret in Burton 01-03-11 19:50

I am not positive who these are but believe them to be my 3x great grandmother Ann Yates nee Tomlinson with her son Benjamin and daughter Emma. Emma had five illegitimate children. Four boys and a girl. One boy died in 1871 and the girl would have been in service. I believe the boys are: Thomas William Yates, John Yates and Effingham Yates.

Ann Yates nee Tomlinson died in 1886

Jill 03-03-11 17:49

A packet of Crisps...

William James Crisp (my 3x gt grandfather) b1805 St Clement Danes d1888, Brockley,
his son William James Crisp (my 2x gt grandfather) b1831 Stepney d1894 Brockley,
his son William James Crisp (gt grandfather) b1854 Stepney d1920 West Wittering, Sussex,
his son William James Crisp (my great uncle known as Darkie) b1882 Deptford d1954 Chichester.

HarrysMum 13-03-11 07:36

My grandfather, Michael Bowler as a tiny baby with his brother, John and mother Hannah.

Taken May 1885 New Zealand.

JayG 27-05-11 18:57

My great great grandparents John & Emily with their twin son & daughter, Mary & Jonathan. Mary was my great grandmother.

The twins were born in Nov 1886 so I guess the photo was taken the following year.

JohnS 07-11-11 19:48

American relations
1 Attachment(s)
My 1st cousin 3x removed Charles Sharratt with wife Priscilla and children. He emigrated to Fond du Lac, Wisconsin in 1868. The photograph was taken shortly after he was Naturalised in 1884.

Merry 01-09-12 12:58

These are the staff at Sidcot School, Somerset in the early 1880s. My great-grandfather, Henry Robert Clark, is in the second row, standing behind the woman in the dark skirt and light jacket.

Guinevere 02-12-12 14:32

John Turrell (Tyrrell) 1820 - 1897

beachman, fisherman and lifeboatman.

photo probably taken late 1880s

William Capps Cooper 1845 - 1940

Ship's Master, boat owner, fisherman, beachman, lifeboatman who also served on cable laying boats to the USA

Photo taken in Lowestoft, probably 1880s.

Janet 31-03-13 04:12

My maternal grandmother Lily Spence.

Possibly 1887 or 1888? Lily's mother was first married to William Wilson, and on the 1881 in Headingley we see a mixed household: his (Sarah Jane), hers (Emily, John, Joseph) and theirs (Elizabeth/Lily, Ethel):

George Spence 51
Elizabeth Spence 42
Emily Louisa Wilson 20
John W. Wilson 18
Joseph J. Wilson 15
Sarah Jane Spence 11
Elizabeth Spence 6
Ethel Mary Spence 3
Note this last name is Ethel May, not Ethel Mary; an Ancestry mistranscription.

This photo has my grandmother Lily Spence, front left, next to her father George Spence. Her mother Elizabeth (formerly Wilson, nee Crampton) stands behind Lily. I'm guessing that the young men are John and Joe Wilson. Not too sure of the other two females. Lily's full sister Ethel is not in this picture.

Guinevere 02-04-13 16:42

John Cottle 1869 - 1893

Taken in the 1880s

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