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Guinevere 01-03-11 15:03

Family Photos 1901 - 1910
Please add your photos with the names of those photographed, if known.

Margaret in Burton 01-03-11 20:18

My grandfather Edgar Newey wearing his Boar War medal.

Margaret in Burton 01-03-11 20:44

My grandfather Sydney Leonard Yates with his sister Marian.

Grandad was born in December 1904.

Langley Vale Sue 03-03-11 12:58

My maternal grandmother (front left) Florence Carsons with her 8 siblings, parents, grandmother, aunt & other unknown family members in 1910.
Her mother, Ellen (Nell) is seated directly behind her and her father Arthur Joseph is standing behind her mother. Sitting on her mother's left is her paternal grandmother, Elizabeth (nee Rowe) and next to her is her Aunt Charlotte, one of her father's sisters.

Back row L to R: Albert Victor Charles Carsons (1887 - 1968), Charles Edgar Carsons (1892 - 1980), Arthur Joseph Carsons (1864 - 1932), unknown, Frederick Carsons (1886 - 1964), Arthur Theodore (Archie) Carsons (1884 - 1960).
Middle row L to R: unknown, (Nell) Ellen Victoria Carsons [nee Phillips] (1863 - 1952), Elizabeth Carsons [nee Rowe] (1834 - 1916), Charlotte Selina Carsons (1869 - 1945), Constance Eunice Carsons (1895 - 1986), Ethel Elizabeth Carsons (1897 - 1973).
Front row L to R: Florence Carsons (1900 - 1984), Hilda Louisa Carsons (1905 - 1998), Amy Carsons, (1901 - 1984).

Tom Tom 05-03-11 21:29

The German family of Packington, 1901.

The photo shows George German (1840-1905) with his wife Alice (formerly Heafield) (1846-1915) with their surviving children.
Kate 1868-1955
William Heafield 1870-1909
George 1874-1942
Alice 1876-1960
Frank 1878-1937
Ida May 1879-1968
Roland Joseph 1880-1961
Herbert 1882-1955
Mildred 1883-1966
Walter 1884-1939

Tom Tom 05-03-11 21:44

My 3x great grandfather (far right), Thomas Goode, taken in 1907 with the King!

HarrysMum 13-03-11 08:38

My great grandparents, Patrick and Hannah Bowler with their family. My grandfather, Michael is second from the right at the back.

Taken New Zealand 1909.

Jill 18-03-11 07:17

Postmark 18 March 1908, Edenbridge, Kent.

Miss A Bennett, Halstead Lodge, North Street, Carshalton, Surrey.
Dear Sister, Just a few lines hoping you are quite well as we are all well at present with love from Harold B.

Harold Bennett was just a boy of 9 when he sent this card to his sister Annie (Mary Ann) to the address where when was in service. Harold was to die in 1917

Jill 03-04-11 14:20

Postcard of Edenbridge High Street from Elizabeth Bennett to her sister Mary Ann Bennett (always known as Annie) Postmark Paddington 3rd April 1906 addressed to Miss Bennett. Halstead Lodge, North Street, Carshalton. Bothe sisters were “in service”

“My dearest Sis manys thanks for P.P.C. I was so delighted with them I went home the other Sunday only for an hour or more I had a letter from home the other day and they tell me that Mabel is at home I hope you will like this card I am very busy don't get any time for writing your loving sister Liz”

Postcard from the early days of motoring. My great aunt was in service with the Pains who appear to have given her the card for her collection.
Picture postcard of York seen from the station. 03/04/1908 Postmark York, addressed to Mrs Pain, Colebrook, Park Lane, Wallington, Surrey
“Have been up here giving successful trial runs, on 35HP chassis. Did 39 miles in 1 hour 15 minutes yesterday from Doncaster or York. When are you going to Woodside. Frank”

(Done a bit of research, Frank is Franklin Pain b c1886 Barnes, Surrey and the card is to his mother Julia M Pain)

Jill 04-04-11 07:19

Postcard of Croydon Town Hall and Gardens from Winifred Dunn (not signed but I have others from her) to Annie Bennett. Postmark Carshalton 4 Apr 1908, addressed to Miss A Bennett, Colebrook, Park Lane, Carshalton.

"Hackbridge. Dear Nance, Hope you are getting on allright. Hope I shall see you on Sunday. Do come down. Milly wishes to see you on Sunday evening. Will leave all news until I see you. Heard you were out on Tuesday. Ma was late home or else I should have come to meet you. Must end now. Goodbye x x"

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