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Guinevere 01-03-11 14:50

Family Photos 1931 - 1939
Please add your photos with the names of those photographed, if known.

Margaret in Burton 25-04-11 10:10

Family Photos 1931 - 1940
Dorothy Mortlock and Les Dolphin 25 April 1932 at St Chad's church, Burton on Trent. Dorothy was my mothers cousin. My mother is the small bridesmaid. The pageboy was another cousin Gordon Fry and one of the bridesmaids was Gladys Mortlock the brides sister although I'm not sure which one she is.

Jill 21-05-11 10:40

21st May 1934

The wedding of Arthur Frederick Lacey Crisp and Sarah Grainger in Nottingham.

Arthur was the baby that my great aunt Beatice Lacey Crisp had in secret in Portsmouth in 1905, (though we suspect her sister Florence who lived in Portsmouth knew about him). Arthur was killed on his ship in 1941. His son got in touch recently and we were able to meet.

Margaret in Burton 21-06-11 14:19

I missed this one

19 June 1937

left to right

Peter Henry Harrison
Lily Harrison nee Cox
Reginald Horace Harrison
Dorothy Winifred Brookes
Mrs Brookes
Mr Brookes

Langley Vale Sue 25-06-11 08:58

25 June 1939

The marriage of Evelyn Evans & Joseph Seldon at St Giles, Camberwell.
They were my parents-in-law.

Merry 01-10-12 10:30

This is my grandfather, Walter Henry Clark, on the prom some time in the early '30s, in his pj's, dressingown and slippers!


This is the same year and place. My mum at the front, then my grandmother, Winifred May Harriet Clark, nee Maynard and trailing behind, my aunt, Betty Pauline Clark:


Same holiday and it was warm enough to go in the sea (my mum, left, aunt, middle, gran, right)!


If anyone thinks any or all these photos were actually taken at Eastbourne rather than on the Isle of Wight I would be very interested to know. If anyone can confirm they are Vetnor that would be good too! lol

Margaret in Burton 02-10-12 16:57

Blackpool 1934. My uncle Leslie Wilfred Newey 1920-1978 and my mother Gwendoline Alice Yates nee Newey 1923-1986.

1930's Blackpool again, perhaps the same year.

Grandmother Alice Jane Newey nee Mortlock and uncle Leslie Wilfred Newey

Margaret in Burton 02-10-12 17:00

I'm not sure if these are late 1930's or early 1940's. Again at Blackpool (they never went anywhere else)

Uncle Les and grandmother

Uncle Les, Grandmother and my mother

Granny and Mum

Granny and mum again

Oakum Picker 05-10-12 08:58

My grandparents Albert & Alice with my uncle & aunt, summer 1935 at a guess.

borobabs 05-10-12 16:09

My Mam Winnifred Johnson at Saltburn abt 1939

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