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benrymnd 26-07-21 18:47

Anyone have any discount codes for ancestry

ElizabethHerts 26-07-21 19:28

Try this:;irpid=55537

benrymnd 28-07-21 19:27

Thanks for the link but it has stopped working

ElizabethHerts 28-07-21 20:00

I'm surprised as I used it recently.

benrymnd 29-07-21 14:30

Tried again today Elizabeth just to make sure I hadn't put the address in wrong but still not working, getting a message saying message request sent by client syntactically wrong

ElizabethHerts 29-07-21 14:44

I get a page which gives two options:

UK Premium
£119.99£59.99* 12 month membership

Get started
Search more than 1 billion UK records, photos, and more
Build a family tree with helpful hints on finding your ancestors
Explore the trees of your AncestryDNA matches


Global access to explore your family's full story
£179.99£89.99* 12 month membership

Get started
Get everything in UK Premium
Delve into more than 20 billion global records
Trace your family journey through 80+ countries around the world

Both have green "GET STARTED" buttons to click on.

benrymnd 29-07-21 15:06

Wish I could get through that UK premium for £59.99 sound a great deal

ElizabethHerts 29-07-21 15:11

I can't understand why the link doesn't work for you.

Could someone else please try?

kiterunner 29-07-21 15:44

It works for me, but only shows 1 month and 6 month options, not a half-price annual sub.

Margaret in Burton 29-07-21 19:03

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