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JayG 07-02-10 21:07

John Harrison AKA Clement/Clemmett/Clemitt etc MFFF
Name - "official" name and what they were known as - John Clemmett/Clemmet/Clemett/Clemmitt/Clemmit/Clemitt & Clement! LOL from at least 1859 he uses the surname Harrison. No idea where this comes from but his parents are Harrison on the 1861 census then Clemmitt on the 1871. His brother Robert born 1837 marries as Robert Harrison Clemett in 1859.

Date and place of birth - About 1834 Morton on Swale, Yorkshire

Names of parents - John C** & Sarah Johnson

Date and place of baptism - 27 April 1834 as Clement at St Helen's CofE, Ainderby Steeple, Yorkshire

Details of marriage - 19 Nov 1859 as John Harrison to Elizabeth Oliver, Auckland St Andrew, Co Durham

Occupation(s) - Miner, Pitman, coal mine supervisor

Addresses where they lived -
1841 (census) West Side, Knayton, Yorkshire aged 7 as John Clement
1851 (census) - don't think i've found him tho I thought I had!
1859 Bishop Auckland, Co Durham - all references after this date have him as John Harrison
1860 East Hetton, Kelloe, Co Durham
1861 (Census) Trimdon Grange, Co Durham
1862 Thornley near Kelloe, Co Durham

Travelled to USA before his wife Elizabeth aged 28 daughters Amelia aged 3 & Miriam aged 1 arrived in New York destined for Pennsylvania on 27 Oct 1864

1865/66 West Middlesex, Mercer County, Pennsylvania, USA - not confirmed daughter Florence gives this as her birthplace on various documents
1867/68 Pennsylvania, USA - not confirmed daughter Sara Elizabeth gives this as her birthplace on various documents
1870 (census) Youngstown Township, Mahoning County, Ohio, USA

Date, place and cause of death - About 1872/73 USA? Supposed to of been killed in a mining accident, "Her father a coal mine supervisor was killed in a mine the roof gave way & crushed him" - this copied from a letter written in 1968 by his son in law (the husband of Sara Elizabeth). John's wife & children returned to the UK sometime before 27 May 1874, as on this date Elizabeth gave birth to her daughter, John Harrison (Deceased) is named as the father.

Date and place of burial / cremation - NK

Details of will / administration of their estate - NK

Memorial inscription - NK

WIP - will add census & other info when I find my file!

JayG 24-08-18 11:25

I took advantage of an Ancestry DNA offer a while back, now I finally have the results I have several matches with descendants of John Clemmett and Sarah Johnson, so i'm happy John Harrison was their son and for reasons that still remain a mystery he changed his name.

JayG 08-12-18 10:31

My mam has had her DNA tested, the results came in yesterday. She has all the same matches plus a few more which are all higher/closer than mine.

It's also thrown up lots of other matches and as these a closer related the 'shared matches' are populated which is made up of the descendants of John & Sarah that I am aware of and mostly people with trees in the same area of USA John & Elizabeth Harrison were but those tress don't have Harrison's or Clemmett's in them. I'm beginning to wonder if John Harrison did die in the mine or if he left his family and had another one with someone else, under a different name!

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