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Merry 06-10-12 09:53

My great-aunt, Gertrude Leslie Sanders, nee Gosden and her husband, Archibald Percy Sanders in the late 1930s. I don't know where this was taken. Usual British beach clothing though!!!!


Oakum Picker 06-10-12 12:57

I can definitely recognise you in that one Liza.

My Dad - far right. I met the chap on the far left when I was wandering around Pirton churchyard 7 or 8 years ago.

Tom Tom 06-10-12 16:45

On the beach in the early 1930s.
My Great Great Grandmother Pattie Sophia Graves (Formerly Davenport)

Two great great Aunts. 1930s.

Durham Lady 16-10-12 21:33
Standing left, not sure, but could be a brother of Dora Rumney, right my mum's brother Matthew Walton Goodfellow
Seated left, my mum, Doreen Goodfellow, right Dora Rumney who married matthew W Goodfellow.

My paternal grandparents Richard Northey 1854-1938 ad Catherine Jobes 1864-1943 Taken in the 1930's.

My OH's maternal grandparents Robert Tinson Adcock 1877-1956 and Nellie Adcock. Taken in the 1930's Nellie Adcock née Laws died in 1937.

vallee 01-11-12 21:45
My Uncle Charles Miller in The Middlesex Regiment ,got killed the 4 Sep 1939 in Hong Kong he is the one second left and capless
Look a right bunch dont they ?

vallee 01-11-12 21:46
Another of Charles

Guinevere 02-12-12 14:39

William Capps Cooper 1845 - 1940

Ship's Master, boat owner, fisherman, beachman, lifeboatman who also served on cable laying boats to the USA

Photo taken on his 90th birthday - 1935 - when he collected his long service lifeboat medal.

Margaret in Burton 07-02-13 12:55

1930's I think

Sydney Leonard Yates (back left)

Back row, second from the right

Margaret in Burton 07-02-13 13:05

Early 1930's

Edgar Newey (centre) sitting next to the young girl, my mum.

Shona 27-02-13 13:06

My grandfather, Peter Nicol, and my grandmother, Priscilla McGlary, pictured at Balmule Farm, Fife, on their wedding day - 6 March 1937.

The wee girl in the picture is my mum.

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