View Full Version : Need people to nod and agree with me, please

27-09-09, 22:30
Have a couple of anomalies on teh LMA records of Linksons that I've never heard of.

I'm trying to discount them so I don't spend ages searching for the ones that aren't real.

Think I've managed one but just need someone else's opinion, please.

On LMA - Charles William Linkson born 1845 to Charles Linkson Cabinet Maker and Sophia.

Baptised at St Mary Islington, residence - Green Man's Lane (I think)

1851 census: HO107; Piece: 1537; Folio: 503; Page: 12

Searching for Charles borb 1845 +/-2 years in Islington parents Charles and Sophia gets one hit for Charles Jenkins.

Father is a Fancy Cabinet Maker
residence is Queen ???? Walk

Anyone else think I can end the search for Charles William Linkson here?



27-09-09, 22:42
Well, I think his surname is Jinkson on the baptism, not Linkson, if you compare the first letter with the other Js and Ls on the page.

27-09-09, 22:44
I thought it was a J too - but then a lot of the records that have taken me years to find have been down to transcriptions of Jinkson and Tinkson due to swirly writing.

OOoh - and there's the one branch who spell it Linkinson or Linkason for some reason who are normally transcribed as Jenkinson. they're a complete pain