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Muggins in Sussex
27-09-09, 18:10
My late mother had a sister, X - both girls had the same mother, but may have had different fathers.

The probable father of X was married to the sister of my mother's father.

Is X simply my great-uncle ? Or are we more closely related? :confused::confused:



Joan of Archives
27-09-09, 18:19
Flippin' heck Joan lol! :d

Erm X's father would be your great uncle, but also your great uncle in law via your mother's father's sister :confused:


27-09-09, 18:30
As far as I know, he would be your great uncle because of being married to your great-aunt, but there is no term for the relationship of your aunt's father to you, if she was illegitimate.

Muggins in Sussex
27-09-09, 18:33
Thanks Joan and Kite - LOL:d:confused:

It's blinky HW Wicks :eek:

At least as a result of rummages yesterday, I no longer think he was my grandfather :) - at least my mother didn't think he was her father :confused:

Thank you


01-10-09, 03:02
Sounds interesting Joan. Tell us more.

Muggins in Sussex
01-10-09, 04:52
Hi Toni

I found a postcard of St John the Baptist Church, Epping and on th back is written, in my late mother's handwriting-

"My parents John A Dowsett and Dorothy Scrutton were married here on August 26th 1916"

So although she would never tell me, I am sure my mother must have believed that JD was her father.

All my enthusiasm has now returned, and yesterday I sent of for my first crtificate in months!:)

01-10-09, 06:52
That's a great find. Keep rummaging.