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27-09-09, 09:48
Good morning...re www.historicaldirectories.org ..has anyone used this before ? if so,could you direct me through it please...I could probably navigate through it eventually, but to save time , I would appreciate a little help....cheers...allan:)

27-09-09, 09:52
It might be easier if you tell us what you're looking for, Allan, then we can give you some specific help.

27-09-09, 10:00
Thanks....I put in " location ".........then I clicked the map on to Lancashire...this gave me a number of choices so I clicked PIGOT DIRECTORY This also covered a couple more Counties including Cheshire...so I typed in
oakes ,,,,bingo 21 hits......but I can`t get the hits up ?...I am puzzled
it`s under www.historicaldirectories.org/hd/d.asp ....I just want to see if any of those OAKES are mine ....thanks Kiterunner....allan;)

27-09-09, 10:11
Is it the 1828-9 Pigot's that you selected, Allan?

27-09-09, 10:12
Oh yes, I've searched for Oakes in that 1828-9 directory and it says 21 hits, so I guess it's the same one. Just keep clicking on "Next Hit" to see them all. The word you searched for will be highlighted on each page that comes up.

27-09-09, 10:14
Yes Kiterunner....thanks...my 3 x g grandfather was a Blacksmith in Neston,Cheshire...trying to see if he`s listed.....cheers...allan:)
ADDED...doesn`t look like Neston is listed.....JUST MY LUCK...ALLAN

27-09-09, 10:27
Yes, Neston is listed, on page 45-46 of the actual directory but because of the way it's scanned in, you need to "Browse Directory" and select image numbers 43 and 44. There is no Oakes listed in Neston, though.

27-09-09, 10:29
Oh wait, I tell a lie - he isn't listed in the alphabetical bit but his name is there in the Inns, Taverns and Public Houses section - Hope and Anchor, Daniel Oakes, Neston.

27-09-09, 10:32
THANKS KITERUNNER...I`ve found Neston....took a while ..had to go through page by page...going to have a good look now....thanks again...allan:)

27-09-09, 10:41
There's a list of contents at the beginning of the directory, Allan! Then you can put the page number in and go straight to it.

27-09-09, 10:42
Kiterunner...That`s my 4 x g grandfather Daniel Oakes b 1792 I THINK...How can I prove it though....he would have been 36...I`ve just realised Thomas b 1818( 3 x g grandfather ,the blacksmith) would have only been 10..lol....thanks a lot Kiterunner...it was nice to see my family listed 180 myears ago....now that you`ve edjumicated me, I will spend a bit of time on that site...allan:)

27-09-09, 12:44
Some useful info on this site, but I find it a bit "clunky" to use.

Anyone with London rellies, the Guildhall Library has gazillions of London directories on microfilm/fiche. Much easier to whizz through them if you can.

The National Archives library at Kew also has lots of directories - I always have a look there when I am waiting for my documents or have a spare few minutes.

Mary from Italy
27-09-09, 13:41
Ancestry also has some directories, but they're extremely badly indexed, so the Historical Directories site usually produces better results.

27-09-09, 14:35
Historical Directories has the directories fully indexed (although of course some names / words have come out wrong because of blurred print or whatever), and so if you are looking for someone in London or another big city and don't know what address they would be at, you can find them pretty quickly on Historical Directories. If you had to search through all the streets on ancestry or microfiche / microfilm it could take forever! But there are some directories listing names in alphabetical order which are easier to search.

Mary from Italy
27-09-09, 15:23
Ancestry also has an OCR system, I think, but if you're looking for Fred Bloggs there's no way to do a phrase search; it brings up all pages with the words Fred and Bloggs on them, even if they're not together.

Tilly Mint
27-09-09, 15:41
Ooh, i've learned from this thread - Thankyou ;)

Had some good "finds" too :)