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27-09-09, 07:51
I have been looking into Benjamin Jackaman (born in Stowmarket 20/06/1804) but only his mother Susan is listed. I think she must have married a Fuller later as Benjamin's son James is listed as living with grandmother Susan Fuller in either the 1841 or 1851 census. But beyond this i'm stuck - how do I find her ancestors? All I know is she was born in Combs ~ 1772, but I can find no record of her parents or marriage;(

27-09-09, 08:40
Where did you get the date of birth from? Can you give the reference for the census entry you have found showing Susan Fuller?

27-09-09, 08:48
Found the 1851 ref HO107; Piece: 1794; Folio: 639; Page: 4;

27-09-09, 08:58
Looking on the 1841 I see a Susan Fuller c1772 with husband Thomas and a son Thomas age 38 with his wife Susan age 40 and their children in Ingham Suffolk. Don't know if this is near Comb at all.
There is a birth/baptism on IGI for Thomas Fuller 28 Mar 1803, Ingham to Thomas Fuller and Susan Frost, so that looks like this older couple.
Not sure if this helps.

27-09-09, 09:01
The younger Thomas Fuller looks to have married Susan Avey in 1827 (IGI).

27-09-09, 09:13
3 people on Genesreunited have Benjamin Jackaman 1804 in their tree....allan;)
ADDED...just had a good look at the Jackaman clan from Suffolk....5 Jackaman b Stowmarket........ Mary 1798 - Robert 1800 - John 1803 - BENJAMIN 1804 - Samuel 1805..
might I suggest if any of these are on IGI with the mothers name Susan ..you may get the fathers name as well....or is that leaving a little too much to chance ?....allan
ADDED Just checked them all...none on IGI ...allan

27-09-09, 10:07
Ingham is near Bury St Edmunds, not very near to Combs / Stowmarket.

27-09-09, 12:08
The parish records in the county archive may have information about Benjamin's father, if the parish questioned Susan about who he was (which is likely as they didn't want her or her children to be a drain on the parish).

28-09-09, 09:10

So if i send in for a copy of the parish record they may have more details? I had one through find my past which only listed Susan from the Suffolk Baptsim index (part 2) - is that different?;(

28-09-09, 11:22
I think Nell may mean records other than the parish register, but yes, the parish register entry could have more information than is given on an index.