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27-09-09, 03:21
I discovered yesterday Rookwood Anglican Cemetery records are now online.

You have to register, they send you a confirmation email and then you log-on.

The records are free but it is still in the trial phase. I'm not sure they will remain free.

You can only search for a particular person, not for everyone of a surname. The results give the date of death and a grave area - ie section 3 but not a grave number ie row 3 number 442. So it is not easy to identify others in the grave.

But the details are better than nothing.

27-09-09, 09:55
Thanks, Toni. This is the link:

And for people who don't know, it is in New South Wales, Australia.

28-09-09, 04:17
Thanks for the link Toni. Using the Catholic cemetery link on the home page....which does allow a search by surname only......, I have been able to bury quite a few of my Irish second cousins.

28-09-09, 05:54
They have found some errors when trialing the site:

# Name' field - successful search results will require entry of the exact firstname and middle name (or initial)
(eg. If you are looking for John Robert Smith - in the 'Name' field search "John", "John R" or "John Robert")
# Date order - results are not currently being displayed in order of Date of Death