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Margaret in Burton
26-09-09, 13:51
Just had a marriage cert for another side of Alan's family. Hope this one is less complicated.

These people are dead.

Frederick Wiley married Elizabeth Ann Norman in 1930. He was 18, she was 19.

Her father John Samuel Norman of Newton Blackwell, Nottinghamshire a coal miner.

Think I've found her in 1911 aged 4 months, living with parents and grandparents in Newton, sub district Blackwell. Father, John a coal miner Hewer.

I need an opinion of Frederick, probably will need his birth cert.

The marriage cert says Frederick Wiley aged 18 of 190 King St, Cottingham, Hull. Father George Wiley a mariner. Obviously he is too young to be on the 1911 census.

I couldn't find a Frederick Wiley born 1912 +/- 1 year anywhere in the country but there is a Fred Wiley birth, Driffield, East Yorkshire.Dec qtr 1911 - 9d 675. MMN Frankish.

On the 1911 there is a George Wiley living in Driffield, Yorkshire, wife Annie.
George is a farm labourer. Different occupation but 19 years difference.

There is also a marriage between a George Wiley and Annie Elizabeth Frankish in Driffield, Jun qtr 1900 - 9d 592

What do you reckon? Am I on the right track?

26-09-09, 13:57
There is also a marriage between a George Wiley and Annie Elizabeth Frankish in Driffield, Jun qtr 1900 - 9d 592

have you found them in 1901?

The you could check there is a Annie Frankish to fit the Mrs Wiley details, once you know her age and place of birth (or have you got the 1911 census page?)

Margaret in Burton
26-09-09, 14:01
Not looked for them in 1901 yet. 1911 says they were married 10 years and she was born North Dalton, East Yorkshire. She was 32 in 1911, making her born in 1879.

Margaret in Burton
26-09-09, 14:03
yes, just found her in 1891. Annie Frankish.

RG12; Piece: 3956; Folio 39; Page 3

26-09-09, 14:04
Births Jun 1878
Frankish Ann Elizabeth Driffield 9d 341


Margaret in Burton
26-09-09, 14:06
Do you think I should be worried about George Wiley's change of occupation?

Would it be normal to be a farm labourer in 1911 and a mariner in 1930?

Cottingham is close to Hull so is a port.

I suppose I should check him out on previous census.

Damn, I'm in the middle of cleaning upstairs, knew I shouldn't have opened that cert envelope until I'd finished.

Margaret in Burton
26-09-09, 14:10
Back in a while, need to finish upstairs. ;(;(

Margaret in Burton
26-09-09, 15:47
Just looked again at the marriage cert and George Wiley's occupation doesn't say Mariner it says Gardener. Makes more sense with being a farm labourer in 1911.

Not much difference is there. LOL :o:o:o