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26-09-09, 12:03
Not needed for BK6

Brighton Street is listed on the various censuses up to 1911 as in Landport, Portsmouth, but I can't find it today. I don't suppose anyone knows if it's been renamed?

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26-09-09, 15:49
I don't know Portsmouth (you probably guessed that!) but Brighton Street is mentioned in this memoir, although I haven't figured out what date the author is talking about when he mentions it!

Maybe there's more about that area in part 1 or part 2 - Google took me straight into part 3!

26-09-09, 16:03
So according to that memoir, Brighton Street and Town Street were two of the streets off Crasswell Street. This link should take you to the modern-day map of that area but neither of those streets is shown so either some of the streets have had their names changed or Town Street and Brighton Street have been demolished, perhaps replaced with that blue bit, not worked out what it is yet!
Google map (http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?hl=en&q=%22Crasswell+Street%22+Portsmouth&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Crasswell+St,+Portsmouth,+Hampshire+PO1&gl=uk&ei=mDm-SrTYKdmSjAernY0z&z=16)

You could look at an old directory or a census to see if all the streets shown on the map as being off Crasswell Street existed back then to rule them out.

26-09-09, 17:46
I'm now wondering how much this area was bombed in WW2?

26-09-09, 17:57
I've just found this, which doesn't really help much:


Brighton Street
Runs north from Crasswell Street to Commercial Place
Crosses Church Path North

None of those roads are on a current map!

There are quite a lot of references to the various joining roads on that site, but it's making my brain go fuzzy trying to take it all in.

26-09-09, 21:56
Landport was heavily bombed during WW2, and most of what was left was subsequently demolished. I doubt that any streets from before WW2 survive today.

27-09-09, 07:37
Thanks Terri :)

19-06-20, 15:46
I know this is an old pose but this website gives you overlaps off old maps and new so you can see exactly where roads use to be. https://maps.nls.uk/geo/explore/side-by-side/#zoom=17&lat=50.79862&lon=-1.10502&layers=168&right=BingRoad
You have to physically search but if you can find out roughly which road they were close to its quite easy to find.

19-06-20, 16:06
Hi Chloelouise, welcome to the site. :)

Thank you for this information.....if only I knew why I wanted to know about Brighton Street! lol

19-06-20, 16:20
Merry, I've got out all my old maps of Portsmouth, but it's impossible to tell where Brighton Road is as there is no key and it is very heavily built up.

My mother marked on the maps all the places of relevance to our family, so at least I can find them!

19-06-20, 16:34
Wow, this is a blast from the past!

19-06-20, 18:29
Please don't spend any more time on this. I have searched my tree and there's no mention of Brighton Street, Portsmouth anywhere there, so this must have been to do with someone elses tree. I'm afraid I don't remember anything about it :o:o:o

19-06-20, 18:54
Merry, it was great digging out the maps, so don't worry!

19-06-20, 21:48
That's good to hear Elizabeth :)

20-06-20, 06:59
Well, I had people in Brighton Street. My grandfather was born there! Can't think why I missed this ten years ago.

If you walk through surviving Victorian streets in Portsmouth, you can spot the gaps in the terraces where bombs fell. Far more damage was done by the council in the sixties. Whole streets of - admittedly inferior - housing were torn down and the street plan completely changed. It is impossible to stand in Portsmouth today and recognise where some of those forgotten roads have been (unless you possess a mobile phone to access those overlays!)

20-06-20, 07:14
Phoenix, which part of Portsmouth was this? I have maps for Central Portsmouth 1896, Southsea 1896, Portsmouth North End 1896, Old Portsmouth and Gosport 1896 and Portsea 1896.

20-06-20, 08:38
I think it's central Portsmouth - just south of the Town (P & S) Station.

They later moved to the Buckland area.

I bought most of those maps for my cousin's husband as he grew up in Portsmouth and I have a very nice map section that I took as a photocopy in the 1970s from the Guildhall library before it had the local studies section.

20-06-20, 09:02
I think it was Brighton Street and not Brighton Road.
It is in St Mary and St Barnabas Ward in 1901 and I have found it due north of the station running north-south. It is parallel to the larger road Charles Street to the east which runs north from Arundel Street to Church Road.

20-06-20, 10:19
Dur, that would make sense. Most of my lot are in St Mary or Charles Dickens Ward. My aunt's old doctor was in the house next to that in which Charles Dickens was born.

20-06-20, 10:44
Temple Street is still there. Now to the east of it is St Faith's Road, running parallel.

In 1896 there was Temple Street, then, going east, Mollers Street then Brighton Street, all parallel to one another.

20-06-20, 10:53
Mollers or Vollers Street? Grandma's best friend was a Mrs Voller. She always sent me and sib presents at Christmas, so I have a soft spot for her. Not so Dad and aunt. I imagine she was a lonely, childless widow - who enjoyed company and conversation. They gave her a huge lump of toffee and were horrified to realise it didn't shut her up at all.

20-06-20, 10:56
Definitely Moller Street, as I also noticed it on the 1901 Census yesterday before Brighton Streetn.

However, there is a Voller Street too! I have the Voller surname in my tree so I noticed it.

Sorry - I was wrong! It is Voller Street. I had to look at the map with a magnifying glass as my eyes were deceiving me!