View Full Version : I would like to find one of you related to me

Fi aka Wheelie Spice
24-09-09, 17:42
My names are Woods, Hague, Cuff, Whittle, Howe, Smith to name a few.

24-09-09, 17:52
Fi, fI, I've got a Smith in my family!

c1730 in Norfolk. Any relation?:d

24-09-09, 18:01
I've got 100s of Smiths - mainly from the Banbury area of Oxfordshire. :)

I don't have any of those other names except Sisly Howe who married my 4xg-uncle in 1836 in Kingswood, Bristol.

Fi aka Wheelie Spice
24-09-09, 18:07
I will check tomorrow, thanks

24-09-09, 18:51
I've got one Smith - think she married in though:):)

24-09-09, 19:15
I've got Smiths in Bucks.

25-09-09, 09:52
I am unusual no Smiths ! xxhugxx

Langley Vale Sue
25-09-09, 10:07
Only got one married-in Smith and her 2 daughters (who aren't Smiths any more) ;)
None of your other names though. Sorry Fi :(

Joan of Archives
25-09-09, 10:17
I haven't found any Smiths either yet, sorry! :rolleyes:

Joan Palmer
25-09-09, 10:22
I've got Smiths in London and Yorkshire.


Fi aka Wheelie Spice
25-09-09, 10:26
My Smith family come from Wakefield, Pontefract, and Derby.

26-09-09, 08:44
Think I have a Cuff from Dorset.

Fi aka Wheelie Spice
26-09-09, 18:53
My Cuff family are from Somerset.

27-09-09, 15:07
Sorry Fi

none of those names - only Smiths who married into my family and they were from Gloucestershire!

27-09-09, 17:06

Sorry none of your names in my tree yet and especially not any Smiths :cool:

28-09-09, 12:43
Sorry, not me either!

I would just love to be directly connected to someone!!

Please adopt me!!:d

28-09-09, 13:05
I have Wood from Yorkshire but not Woods.

Durham Lady
28-09-09, 14:05
I have a Ciciley Smith who's supposed to have married one of my mum's uncles in Gateshead, only none of us can find a marriage.

She's with him as a wife on the census within the year of his first wife dying in 1890. Her illigitimate daughter's marriage is recorded in the family bible but not a marriage for Ceciley and my great uncle so we conclude they never actually married.

28-09-09, 15:58
Sorry Fi, my Smiths are Publicans from Kings Lynn, Norfolk:)

28-09-09, 16:08
Mother in law was a Smith - you can have her with pleasure! adopt her, just take her away ...anything!

28-09-09, 16:12
lol at Jess :)

Durham Lady
28-09-09, 20:39
Mother in law was a Smith - you can have her with pleasure! adopt her, just take her away ...anything!