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Gert in Oz
24-09-09, 12:39
Charles Curd born abt 1803 Rickmansworth Hertfordshire and Esther Harding ?
born 1808 Bitton Gloucestershire.

Esthers surname Harding i`m not sure about, i found it on a tree on Ancestry, with a marriage in 1828 Bittern? Gloucestershire and after googling i cannot find a place called Bittern in Gloucestershire.

I have found a baptism for a Hester Harding 14 June 1808 in Bitton, which could be her.

9 children, first 2 born Bathford Somerset 1827 & 1830, next 2 born Devon and the rest born in Derby.

Sophia 1827
Charles 1830
Charlotte 1833 Lopsham Devon
Mary 1836 St Lernorel devon
Harriet 1840
Hannah 1844
William 1846
Sarah 1849
Esther 1853

I have not been able to find baptisms for the children or a marriage for Charles and Esther, Charles was a Paper maker.

I have looked in the 3 most obvious places, can anyone suggest anywhere else please.


24-09-09, 14:10
For starters I think Bittern is definitely Bitton

Gert in Oz
24-09-09, 14:30
Thanks Trish, i found a few streets and birds called that, but not a place.


24-09-09, 16:00
I've found four children's baptisms on the IGI:
Charlotte Curd born 13 Nov 1831, baptised 11 May 1834 Mint Lane Wesleyan Methodist, Exeter Devon, parents Charles Curd and Esther Harding.
Charles Curd born 27 May 1834, baptised same day as Charlotte.
Harrat Curd baptised 31 May 1840 Darley Abbey, Derby, parents Charles Curd and Esther.
Hannah Curd baptised 7 May 1843, same place as Harrat.

These are "extracted" records, so the surname given for Esther should be correct.

Charles jr and Charlotte's baptisms are also on www.bmdregisters.co.uk but I'm not sure whether the images for these will give you any more information than the IGI entries do; unfortunately the only way to find out is to pay to view!

24-09-09, 16:22
They married at Bitton, 9 Feb 1828, Charles Curd and Esther Harding, both "of this parish".

24-09-09, 17:34
Lopsham is probably Topsham, near Exeter.

Other place might be Stoke Damerel, near Plymouth.

Gert in Oz
25-09-09, 06:52
Thank you Kiterunner and Phoenix,

Where did you find that marriage please?

I brought a couple if credits on the BMDregisters site and got the image, both children are on the same image and very informative it is, as it tells me who Esthers parents are, John and Barbara Harding and gives me the birthdates of the 2 children.

Now i`m confused as on the baptisms Charles was born in 1834 and Charlotte in 1831, the 1841 census has Charles age 11 and Charlotte 8, 1851 census Charles is 20 and Charlotte 18, 1861 Charles is married and 29, Charlotte is also married and 26.

Do you think the minister could have got the births the wrong way round with them being similar names ?


25-09-09, 07:39
I've sent you a PM about the marriage, Sylvia.

Glad to hear the BMD Registers entry gave you all that info.

Yes, I can well imagine the minister could have got their birth dates the wrong way round.

Gert in Oz
25-09-09, 07:46
Maybe he had been into the Font water that day, :eek:

Thank you


25-09-09, 09:05
Maybe he had been into the Font water that day, :eek:

*wipes tea from laptop*

Thank you Sylvia - my first laugh out loud moment if the week

Gert in Oz
25-09-09, 11:03
:eek: :D :d