View Full Version : FIND MY PAST etc.

Margaret N
23-09-09, 22:16
Will someone please help advise me are Find My Past and 1911 Census from the same Govt Office or Agency?

I get emails from both and they mention a link of sorts. I am trying to find out if I can use my credits on both sites.

23-09-09, 22:19
The 1911 census site belongs to brightsolid, the same company that owns findmypast, but it isn't a government office. The National Archives licences the 1911 census out to them.

And yes, you can use your credits on both sites. And next month there will be a joint subscription available.

Margaret N
24-09-09, 08:16

Great, thank you. I do not have time in the so called 'summer' to use the site so am just about to catch up again.