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23-09-09, 21:24
Sarah Marsden b 1796 Colchester, Essex
married James Muir 1817 St. Giles Cripplegate, City of London

I don't know if they had any children.

1844 Sarah Muir, widow, married Henry Banister at St. John the Baptist, Hoxton and I have her in 1851 with Henry living 4 White Lion Yard, St Luke Old Street, Middlesex and 1861 8 Glouster [sic] Court, Whitecross Street, Finsbury, Middlesex before her likely death 1866.

So theoretically she should be in London in 1841 as Sarah Muir but I can't find her.


23-09-09, 22:24
Sorry, I've tried and failed. Shame we don't know whether James was still alive in 1841.

23-09-09, 22:27
Though having said that, there is a possible death for James in Apr-Jun 1840, St Martin district, vol I p 103 or 105, I'm not sure which. If that's his death then the address on the cert would help with the 1841.

24-09-09, 15:29
Thank you KiteRunner for looking and I will investigate the death - though St Martins isn't the right area. I don't even know if Sarah had any children. Her elder sister also disappears after her marriage - and never reappears.

Thanks again.

24-09-09, 15:33
I have looked a lot and thought I'd found her on FMP, but she seemed to have another husband in tow on that one! lol :rolleyes:

25-09-09, 18:11
Lol! Two are enough!

Thanks for looking, Merry.