View Full Version : I actually have two baptism for one child

23-09-09, 18:45
I have found two baptisms one in St Leonards and one in St Michaels and All Angels both in Shoreditch. Same child, same birthdate, same parents, probably a few days or weeks apart.

Both in 1863 when the child was born and both Private Baptisms, he died that same year and his mother did too.

Do you think the father was trying to ask God for help, its so sad because maybe the baby and his wife were so ill and he was desperate.

ooh I just had a thought, having read something the other day, do you think that was probably their (mother and child) funeral and they baptised the child again?

23-09-09, 19:00
What a tragic thought Maggie. I have never heard of two baptisms so close together, and your theory might well be right.

I was actually christened twice, but the second time was some 13 years later and purely because nobody could remember it being done the first time around and I was due to be confirmed. Afterwards, the proof of the original christening came to light!

23-09-09, 19:17
I think it a bit odd that they were two private baptisms. Sometimes a child who is ill or ailing is baptised privately because they think it won't live. Then later it is received into the church and this ceremony is often regarded as another baptism.

23-09-09, 19:27

He did die that same year I have his death cert and now also both his baptisms and his mother died the same time too she's registered in the next quarter though.

I can email them to you perhaps you'll be able to work out what's going on then.

Edit to say: He died the same month he was born.